I choose WordPress for a large proportion of my websites because it fulfills the needs of nearly every project that’s presented to me as a web designer. But what’s also so great about it is it’s the ease of use for clients and the power it gives them to publish great web content on demand.

The Edit Post screen makes it easy to write new content for your website

The Edit Post screen makes it easy to write new content for your website

Add WordPress to your existing website and you gain the control to say whatever you want, whenever you want. Static websites are well and good, but have the limitation that you have to know web design, or pay somebody who does, every time you need to make a small change.

Integrating WordPress into your existing static website makes self-publishing easy, and after your initial set-up costs, free to add, edit and update as much content as you like, whenever you please.

Having begun life as as an open-source self-publishing and blogging platform, WordPress that has grown into a fully fledged web publishing tool used by major corporations and organisations across the world, that allows you complete control over your website, whilst remaining simple enough to use even for those who claim to know nothing about computers or how a blog post or web page gets published.

Flexibility and Versatility

The power of WordPress lies in it’s flexibility. You can choose to try out as many of it’s features as you like or feel comfortable with. If you just want to add a latest news section to your website, WordPress is perfect for keeping your customers or web community up to date, and helps give your website a sense of currency.

The WordPress dashboard allows complete control of your website at your fingertips

The WordPress dashboard allows complete control of your website at your fingertips

Why is this important? Google loves websites which provide regularly updated content. It sees these dynamic, websites as the freshest source of relevant content, of most potential interest to it’s users, and as occupying a position of authority in their particular marketplace. If Google thinks your website is important, that’s good news for your search rankings, which means good news for your business. Using very clean, search engine optimised code, WordPress also satisfies the search engines on a technical level.

WordPress is not just restricted to being a blogging tool though; it’s increasingly common for entire websites to be built on it, using the software as a fully-featured content management system. Change your mind about the wording on your homepage? With a WordPress powered site you can make edits to any area of your site, quickly and easily using the user-friendly, password protected administration area. 

What’s more there are an array of features and thousands of plugins available which can add extra functionality to your site, including multimedia (image galleries, audio and video integration), user interaction (comments, forums, contact forms) , search engine optimisation (helping you get your site noticed), RSS syndication feed (to share your content with others more easily) and much more.

WordPress Services from Lunamedia

I offer a comprehensive WordPress service that provides everything you need to get started using your website.

  • – Integration of a WordPress blog into your existing site
  • – Conversion of your static site into a WordPress powered content management system 
  • – Original theme design – a unique look for your website
  • – Themes created based on your existing site design or from Photoshop files
  • – Modification of existing themes
  • – Full installation service of both core WordPress software and optional plugins
  • – Hosting and database set up

Please feel free to contact me for a reply within 24 hours about my services, current prices and if you have any questions about making the switch to WordPress.

Find out more about the WordPress project at WordPress.org.