UX / UI / Front-end & WordPress Development

Schoolcomms homepage design

About the project

Schoolcomms provide market leading software and apps to schools and parents that help them stay in touch and manage complex scheduling requirements.

I’ve been working with Schoolcomms for many years now to help them communicate their offering via a concise and attractive WordPress site that has gone through several iterations as their product has evolved and become ever more successful.

School Gateway watch app

Iterating on UI design to improve efficiency

We’ve worked to continually measure and refine the effectiveness of the Schoolcomms online help interface, to get quick answers to busy end users, and to ease burden on internal support staff.

Recent new customer offerings have included the ability for schools to lightly customise their apps via a simple form-based interface.

Schoolcomms support page design
Schoolcomms app customisation design
UI Design + Front-end/WordPress Development
Luke Burford
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