I’m very happy to have been featured in the Design Challenge section of net magazine in the September 2017 issue.

Each month’s challenge presents a short brief for designers to work with, and it’s a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles and apply your expertise to a design problem that might be outside the usual kind of project you take on.


September’s brief called for a design for a fictional cabaret act – with the detail left up to the designer. Cabaret not bring something I have huge amounts of experience with first hand, I turned to an old designer’s trick of loose sketching and conceptual mind-mapping around quick ideas, films and songs I’d been recently soaking up, and arrived at the idea of ‘Mexicola’, a Day of the Dead themed extravaganza.

Loosely following the story of our four main characters, there’s plenty of opportunity for improvisation and audience participation, so no two nights are ever the same.

With a Mexican flavour required, the site uses a vibrant colour palette to convey the excitement of the show. Irregular shapes and curves using SVG and CSS transforms on page elements create a spontaneous and approachable vibe.

With a fantastic history of bold typography in Mexican culture, there’s a great opportunity to experiment with some more unusual font choices and effectively use type to convey character and mood. Beyond the homepage, detailed character bios help build an idea of the show’s world in the mind of the user, and media galleries further pique curiosity.

net magazine Design Challenge detail

This was a great challenge to work on, and I was chuffed to be featured in the magazine, alongside other designers and developers whose work I’ve long admired. My next aim is to hopefully write more for the magazine, as I’d love to share some tutorials on various design topics.

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