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nimbl homepage design

About the project

nimbl is a clever financial service for young people that helps them manage their money via a pre-paid card and smartphone app. Parents can monitor spending and control top-ups, helping their child become financially confident and responsible with money..

An updated website design was needed to convey the value proposition of nimbl simply and effectively to potential new customers. Digital financial products and services is an innovative and rapidly evolving field, and nimbl needed a fresh website UI that complemented the clear, intuitive user experience of the smartphone app to stay ahead of their competitors in the market.

nimbl card and packaging

A modular approach

From early discussions with the product team we knew that a flexible approach to screen design would be needed to cater for both core product explainer pages where content was relatively fixed, and to support upcoming marketing campaigns that may call for different page modules, layouts and content.

Rough wireframes were put together to identify shared modules such as call to action panels, video and text descriptions, app feature explainers and product feature lists. Once we had a good handle on the various components needed, final UI design modules were produced incorporating the established nimbl branding, and mocked up into various layout combinations to demonstrate how fully flexible screens could be composed within the WordPress content management system.

nimbl interior page design

Showing is sometimes better than telling

In order to show how simple and intuitive the smartphone app is for young people to use, an animated mock up was created of the key interaction flows within the app, and converted to a video that would be shown on the homepage to help potential customers instantly understand the potential benefits of the platform.

nimbl product explainer video frame
nimbl product explainer video frame