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About the project

I was very happy to have been featured net magazine's Design Challenge in the September 2017 issue.

Each month’s challenge presents a short brief for designers to work with, and it’s a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles on a side project, applying your expertise to a design problem that might be outside your regular comfort zone.

netmag Design Challenge September 2017

But I know nothing about cabaret

The brief called for a design for a fictional cabaret act – with the detail left up to the designer. Not being something I have huge amounts of first hand experience with, a quick brainstorming & word association session ensued until I arrived at the idea of 'Mexicola', a Day of the Dead themed extravaganza.

¡Viva Teatro! identity
netmag Design Challenge iPhone mockup

Breaking the rules

I try to stick with one or two typefaces in client designs - three means I've really let my hair down. Side projects are a great excuse to throw out such self-imposed rules, and can be an opportunity to freshen up your approach - well worth doing in order to prevent staleness creeping in.





Icons via The Noun Project

Mexicola icons
Mexicola icons

Muy bien, gracias

This was a great challenge to work on, and I was chuffed to be featured in the magazine alongside some hugely talented designers. I also learnt a) I am hopeless at picking out decent photographs of myself for publication, b) Option + 1 is how to do an upside-down exclamation mark on a Mac, and c) if my dog is going to eat the edge of any magazine that comes through the letterbox, it will definitely be the one I was eagerly awaiting to see if I'm in it.

netmag Design Challenge
netmag Design Challenge