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UX / UI / Front-end & WordPress Development

Jewish Museum London homepage design

About the project

The Jewish Museum London, tells the story of the history and heritage of Jews in Britain through universal themes of migration, family, faith and culture.

The website was refreshed in stages throughout 2018 to better present the diverse range of events, exhibitions and activities on offer, and to reinvigorate the teaching resources available on the site via an extensive education portal.

Jewish Museum exterior

Making sense of complex search patterns

With a huge amount of material in the education portal, we needed to present a usable interface for filtering resources across multiple categories. Additionally, we wanted to make it easy to visually differentiate between the different types of resources that might be returned in search results.

A card based UI was designed to show resources in index results, with an icon and colour set devised to represent the different resource types available.

Jewish Museum London education portal design

Bringing complex grid design to life with CSS Grid

With a constantly updating program of events and activities there's always plenty of valuable material to surface on the homepage of the Jewish Museum, all of which needs to be balanced alongside permanently required key signposting elements to opening times and visiting information.

Our solution involved creating a dynamic grid for the homepage that would adjust to both different types of content that could be populated via WordPress, and to different device sizes and orientations. Tricky enough to get right within UI design software, such complex designs have been traditionally even harder to realise in code, until the recent advent of CSS Grid layouts, which made the homepage not only possible but a highly distinctive part of the overall design that really sets the museum apart.

Jewish Museum homepage without grid displayed
Jewish Museum homepage with grid displayed
UI Design + Front-end/WordPress Development
Luke Burford
Project Management + Strategy
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