How much will my project cost?

Every project is different – I don’t offer cookie-cutter packages with set costs as I prefer to work with clients who will value the unique blend of skills and experience I’ll use to address their particular situation.

Once we’ve had a brief chat about your project’s requirements, I’ll provide you with a fair and competitive estimate, that gives you a full, itemised project cost. Most projects are charged on a deposit and completion 50/50 split basis.

How long will my project take?

Again all projects are different, so this can vary quite a bit. You should probably allow a minimum of 4 weeks from the start of your project to produce a launch ready website. Some projects will take longer, but if you have a deadline to meet, we’ll work together to make sure everything happens when you need it to.

Do you work just for local clients or remotely?

I work with clients from across the UK and beyond – one of the great things about modern project management tools is that I can effectively be a fully functioning short-term member of your team whilst we work on your project. To date my furthest flung client was based in Japan!

Are you available for ongoing help after the site launch?

Many of my clients have stayed with me for years, enlisting further help as their business changes. I’m also happy to offer retainer services if you think you might need regular ongoing help.

What does an average project schedule look like?

When we start talking about a project, we’ll phone / email / Skype, so we can be sure we have a good handle on your needs and how best to meet them. I’ll provide a detailed proposal and a standard contract that protects both sides. After that it’s a fairly straightforward process of research, design, development and testing before we launch your site.

What happens once you start? Am I still involved?

I involve you and invite feedback at every stage. A successful website is a result of collaboration between you (who knows your business inside out) and me (who will make the website meet your goals).

Do you use off-the-shelf WordPress themes?

Although these have their place for some projects, this approach is not the way I prefer to work. I design each website to offer a unique solution for your business. It’s also common for pre-built solutions to introduce a lot of technical overhead and bloat that over time can effect the performance of your site, which is why I prefer to take a more bespoke route. In my experience, this provides the highest quality outcome for your investment.

Is WordPress definitely the right option for my project?

For most clients, WordPress is a fantastic platform that’s flexible, easy to use and maintain. With 10 years of WordPress experience, I’ve found it to be an ideal fit for many different types of website and business.

Like any designer/developer worth their salt, I continue to work on as many varied projects, platforms and new technologies as possible. If you have user interface or web application development requirements, get in touch. I currently have a lot of fun with Laravel, Ruby on Rails and whatever Javascript framework is du jour when you’re reading this. If this means nothing to you, just contact me about your WordPress project and we’ll never speak of it again.

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