I’m Luke Burford. I’ve been making things for people on the web for 10 years. Originally from London, I’ve lived in Bude, Cornwall for a pretty long time now. I’m happily married with family.

For User Interface design I am an avid Sketch user, and I bring prototypes to life using InVision and Framer. I’m a big believer in the power of interactive wireframes for clarifying ideas and user flows, and have wrangled many a complex information architecture into shape over the years.

I’m a highly proficient front-end developer and have built more complex, custom WordPress themes than is probably good for my sanity.

I love long romantic walks along the beach, fish finger sandwiches and noisy punk rock. I dislike designing without content, peppers (red or green, they are as bad as each other) and Bono.

For commonly asked queries about new web projects, you can see the handy faq. I occasionally Dribbble – you can see my latest shots below.