A bit about me.

I’m Luke Burford. Originally from London, I’ve lived in Bude, Cornwall for a pretty long time now. I’ve been designing for the web since 2007.

I am a versatile type who can bring expertise to every part of the design process of your project, from initial sketches and wireframes to working prototypes, full multi-device screen design and delivery of development ready front-end code. I’m a big believer in healthy, ego-free collaboration between designers, developers, and project stakeholders throughout the creative process in order to deliver the best possible products to clients and their customers.

For UI design I am an avid Sketch fan, and a recovering Adobe Creative Suite user who will relapse if the project team requires it. Yes, I would do that for you. For UX design I bring prototypes to life using good old pencil and paper, InVision and Framer.

I believe the best designers have a good handle on code. I'm a proficient front-end developer and have built more complex, custom WordPress themes than is probably good for my sanity. HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript are all in my skillset, and I know enough to be dangerous in a number of front and back-end frameworks.

I love long romantic walks along the beach, fish finger sandwiches and noisy punk rock / obscure electronic noodling. I dislike designing without content, peppers (red or green, they are as bad as each other) and Bono.

I occasionally Dribbble – you can see my latest shots below. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, although I've never quite worked out what I should be doing there. Currently I resist the other social networks but you are welcome to mine any deactivated profiles I have for incriminating photos, ill-advised rants and so on.